About Us

Dar AL-Tomouh Projects LLC is promoted by four investors.

Nanda Group, India

  • Established in 1963. 53 years in Poultry.
  • Today we are a US$ 40 Million, Poultry & Processed Foods Business.
  • Nanda Group Business lines - Poultry Breeding, Hatcheries, Animal Feed Manufacturing & Food Processing under "Nandus".
  • To know more about us visit www.nandus.com

Srinivasa Hatcheries Group, India

  • Established in 1965. 50 years in Poultry.
  • Today SHL is a US$ 90 Million poultry company.
  • SHL Business lines - Poultry Breeding, Hatcheries, Animal Feed Manufacturing & Soya Extraction Plant
  • To know more about us, visit www.shgroup.in

Mr. Anwar Ahmed Salim Ambu Ali

Anwar Ahmed Salim Ambu Ali is a self-made man who can be regarded as a true local entrepreneur. He is presently the promoter and manager of Dar Al-Tomouh Projects LLC.

After graduating from school in 1993 he pursued his further studies with Ajman University of Sciences and Technology and obtained his Higher Diploma in Information Technology in 2006.

Back in 2006 he met with an investor UAE who advised him venture into the poultry business. He went on to leave his employment with Oman Air in order to pursue his passion.

It was not an easy journey for Anwar, but was one of self-discovery. After years of struggles and challenges, he started his project at Nizwa that brought change to lives of many locals. He created multiple job opportunities and encouraged others to start their own business.

With the experience of dealing with the local communities and the government, he has spotted a strategic partner to move forward and realise his dream.

He is looking forward to start this project as the first professionally managed poultry business in Oman.

Mr. Abdul Salaam Ahmed Salim Ambu Ali

Abdul Salaam Ahmed Salim Ambu Ali is following the path of his elder brother Anwar in the poultry business. At a young age he considered his brother Mr. Anwar as a practical role model to become a self-made business man.

The energy and motivation is fuelling his attitude and desires to create this first class project with the help of his brother. He is currently Employed R O P ( Royal Oman Police).

Products & Value Proposition

With an experience of over 100 man years, promoters of DAT Foods, plan to bring fresh & frozen, locally raised, hallal certified chicken products in Oman. We own & operate the entire supply chain. Hence able to offer chicken that is 100% traceable. Chicken that has no steroids, no hormones and no antibiotics. Chicken that's safe even for your children & fit for human consumption.

100% Omani
100% Hallal
100% Fit for human consumption

Connect with Us

Operations Head : Naveen Thota
+968 9858 2959
+968 2209 6077
P.O. BOX 260, Postal Code 611, Nizwa, Sultanate of OMAN.